Optimize the aesthetics, durability and functionality of library floors with specialized surface coating solutions from Solution Surface +. Our coatings are designed to withstand the unique challenges posed by frequent traffic, cultural activities and the specific needs of these spaces.

Advantages of library surfaces

Resistance to frequent traffic

Opt for surfaces that can withstand constant visitor traffic and the frequent movement of furniture in libraries. Ensure exceptional durability while maintaining an attractive aesthetic appearance.

Ease of cleaning

Simplify the maintenance of your libraries with easy-to-clean surfaces. Quickly remove food residue, stains and other contaminants to maintain a clean and welcoming reading environment.

Scratch and mark resistance

Protect your floors from scratches caused by moving furniture, book carts and library equipment. Choose durable surface coatings to prevent premature wear and maintain the visual integrity of

Acoustic comfort

Improve the acoustic comfort of your libraries with noise-absorbing floor coverings. Help create a calm environment conducive to reading and studying.

Applications of library surfaces

Our surface coating solutions are suitable for various types of libraries, including:

Public libraries

Protect public library floors from diverse traffic and cultural activities.

University libraries

Optimize the functionality of surfaces in libraries
universities attended by students and staff.

School libraries

Choose durable floor coverings for school libraries used by students and educational staff.

Library surface application process

Initial consultation

We discuss your specific needs in terms of aesthetics, resistance and comfort for your bookcases.

Selection of surfaces

Depending on your criteria, we offer you a selection of surface coverings adapted to the requirements of libraries.

Surface preparation

We carefully prepare the surface, making minor repairs if necessary, to ensure optimal adhesion.

Professional application

Our experienced teams apply surface coatings with precision, ensuring a high quality finish.

Final inspection

We perform a final inspection to ensure the surfaces meet all your expectations for quality, aesthetics and functionality.

Optimize the appearance and durability of your library floors with our surface covering solutions. Contact Solution Surface + today to discuss your specific needs and get a personalized consultation.