Specialists in covering and surface coating.

Our versatility is such that we work in the commercial, industrial and heavy residential sector. Our sphere of activity covers the field of polyaspartic and 100% solid epoxy for floors; macro-epoxy for industrial warehouses and agricultural roofs; conventional latex paints for residential and commercial projects.

We are specialists in the application of airless paint and HVLP (high volume low pressure).

Whether for the exterior; garage doors, doors/windows, roofs, balconies or for interiors: steel-deck ceilings and ventilation ducts (commercial ceilings), concrete block walls (block-filler) and gypsum walls; we have the tools, skills and experience necessary to carry out large-scale work.

Refreshing exterior coatings, epoxy primer for warehouse floors, painting car dealerships, commercial offices, sports halls or any other
business concepts.

Our expertise also extends to metal coatings and sandblast surface preparation techniques.

We work in rubber floor coverings. Complementary products to epoxy with unique properties, rubber coating floors can be installed for exterior purposes (pool surround, balconies, eco-paving) as well as interior purposes (garage, gym, etc.).

We therefore have all possible options to meet your challenges and ensure the quality of a product specific to industry professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the sector.