Optimize the safety, durability and compliance of your industrial laboratories with specialized surface coating solutions from Solution Surface +. We offer tailor-made options to meet the stringent requirements of laboratory environments while ensuring maximum functionality.

Advantages of surfaces for industrial laboratories

Chemical resistance

Choose surfaces that resist harsh chemicals commonly used in industrial laboratories. Protect your floors from accidental spills and splashes of corrosive substances.

Ease of cleaning

Simplify the maintenance of your laboratories with easy-to-clean surfaces. Quickly remove chemical residue, fine particles and other contaminants to maintain a sterile work environment.

Compliance with standards

Ensure your surfaces meet laboratory-specific safety and compliance standards. Our coatings are designed to meet the stringent requirements of research and development environments.


Improve laboratory safety with flooring that provides superior traction. Reduce the risk of slips and falls, especially in areas where water or wet substances are frequently present.

Surface applications for industrial laboratories

Our surface coating solutions are suitable for various types of industrial laboratories, including:

Research and development

Protect laboratory floors involved in scientific research and new product development.

Quality control laboratories

Ensure compliant surfaces for quality control laboratories in the pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

Chemical laboratories

Choose coatings suitable for chemical laboratories involved in handling hazardous substances.

Biotechnology laboratories

Create durable surfaces for biotechnology laboratories that require strict hygiene and protection from chemicals.

Surface application process for industrial laboratories

Initial consultation

We discuss your specific chemical resistance, safety and compliance needs for your laboratories.

Selection of surfaces

Depending on your criteria, we offer you a selection of surface coatings adapted to the requirements of industrial laboratories.

Surface preparation

We carefully prepare the surface, making minor repairs if necessary, to ensure optimal adhesion.

Professional application

Our experienced teams apply surface coatings with precision, ensuring a high quality finish.

Final inspection

We perform a final inspection to ensure the surfaces meet all your expectations for quality, safety and compliance.

Optimize the safety and functionality of your industrial laboratories with our surface coating solutions. Contact Solution Surface + today to discuss your specific needs and get a personalized consultation.