Elevate the dining experience in your restaurants with high-quality surface coating solutions from Solution Surface +. We offer tailor-made options to improve the aesthetics, durability and hygiene of your catering spaces.

Advantages of restaurant surfaces

Gastronomic aesthetics

Create an exceptional gastronomic atmosphere in your restaurants with our elegant surface coverings. Customize colors, patterns and textures to reflect the unique style of your establishment.

Durability and resistance

Our surface coverings are designed to resist wear and tear caused by frequent traffic, moving furniture and liquid splashes. Make sure your dining spaces remain spotless despite everyday challenges.

High hygiene standards

Opt for easy-to-clean hygienic surfaces, essential for maintaining high hygiene standards in the catering industry. Quickly eliminate food residue and bacteria to ensure a healthy environment.

Artistic customization

Express your restaurant's personality with artistic customization options. Create unique atmospheres, personalized logos or specific designs to reinforce the identity of your establishment.

Restaurant surface applications

Our surface coating solutions are suitable for various types of commercial restaurants, including:

Fine dining restaurants

Create elegant and refined spaces to complete an exceptional dining experience.

Cafes and bakeries

Personalize surfaces to match the warm ambiance of your establishment.

Bars and brasseries

Opt for splash-resistant surfaces for bar areas.

Thematic restaurants

Personalize surfaces to reflect the unique theme of your establishment.

Restaurant Surface Application Process

Initial consultation

We discuss your specific needs, the style of your restaurant and the hygiene standards required.

Selection of surfaces

Depending on your criteria, we offer you a selection of surface coatings suitable for the food industry.

Surface preparation

We carefully prepare the surface, making minor repairs if necessary, to ensure optimal adhesion.

Professional application

Our experienced teams apply surface coatings with precision, ensuring a high quality finish.

Final inspection

We carry out a final inspection to ensure the surfaces meet all your quality and hygiene expectations.

Optimize the aesthetics and functionality of your restaurants with our surface coating solutions. Contact Solution Surface + today to discuss your specific needs and get a personalized consultation.