With Gripstep, we use EPDM to cover your exterior steps so that in summer and winter, they are safe, resistant to seasonal weather and abrasives including salt and sand.

EPDM: What is it?

It is a recycled rubber compound that can cover multiple surfaces including wood, concrete, gravel, etc.

EPDM is a super versatile floor covering with non-slip, safe and eco-responsible properties, offering a more flexible and shock-resistant surface. This product is also
increasingly used in outdoor play areas.

Please note, however, that it does not prevent the formation of ice on the steps; maintenance is therefore required. Don't worry because the product is not damaged by snow removal and is very solid once its cure is completed. Salt also has no impact on the lifespan of the rubber. On the contrary, following adequate snow removal, the salt will eliminate ice accumulation and one of the properties of rubber, which is to retain its heat, will allow for better general walking conditions throughout the cold season. It will therefore be able to thaw more quickly in the face of the sun than a wooden or fiberglass step.

Offers luxurious style

Significantly longer lifespan

Environmentally friendly

Made from recycled rubber


Resistant to abrasives


Shock resistant

Shovel blows

Resists ground movements

Increased product flexibility

Absorbs heat

Rubber, absorbing heat more easily, therefore melts ice more quickly.

As you know, a rubber step cover frequently purchased in hardware stores for the winter period is essential to ensure safety when traveling throughout the season. However, not having the same size as the step itself; adequate snow removal is more difficult. The advantage of Gripstep is that the rubber is applied evenly to the surface. There will therefore be no accumulation of snow due to more hazardous snow removal. The main point, however, is linked to the accumulation of water under the rubber step cover. When uninstalling it in the spring, the user will tend to notice water retention on the step in the place where the step cover was located. This stagnant accumulation of water throughout the season is very detrimental to walking itself, creating accelerated deterioration. Not to mention the means used to attach the step cover to the step: either with the help of ''ty-rap'' (therefore not necessarily solid or even aesthetic) or worse using screws (creating a hole on the top of the step thus allowing water to access directly inside).

As a painter myself specializing in wrought iron painting, I have noticed this problem for several years, every spring. A new step will have little or no sign of deterioration for the first year with the step covers, but you will certainly be able to observe a mark which will be accentuated each year to ultimately damage its components and permanently shorten its lifespan.

With Gripstep, you will not encounter this problem because the step is initially waterproofed from top to bottom using an epoxy and a liquid membrane. These two steps guarantee a lifespan and weather resistance significantly superior to any other steps on the market.

EPDM is a versatile product already installed on several surfaces such as: garage, playroom, gyms, running track, swimming pool surround, patios, steps, concrete surfaces, outdoor play areas (schools and parks), imitates the style epoxy flakes, can be uniform colors or a mixture of varied colors.

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