High performance innovation for your surfaces

Polyaspartic membrane

Explore new frontiers of durability and performance with our Polyaspartic Membrane at Solution Surface +. Designed to provide advanced protection and exceptional strength, this membrane represents the ideal solution for those looking for a high quality surface coating combining speed of application and unrivaled durability.

Characteristics of the polyaspartic membrane

Superior chemical resistance

The Polyaspartic Membrane is distinguished by its exceptional chemical resistance, withstanding attacks from corrosive chemicals. This makes it an optimal choice for industrial and commercial environments where chemical resistance is

Fast hardening

Benefit from unprecedented speed of application with the Polyaspartic Membrane. Its rapid cure time allows for efficient installation, minimizing business interruption and providing rapid return to surface use.

Abrasion resistance

The Polyaspartic Membrane offers exceptional abrasion resistance, protecting your surfaces from scratches and daily wear and tear. This feature ensures increased longevity of the coating, even in high traffic environments.

Maximum grip

Thanks to its advanced formula, the Polyaspartic Membrane ensures maximum adhesion to various types of surfaces, creating a strong and durable bond. It resists peeling and cracking, ensuring long-term protection.

Advantages of the polyaspartic membrane

Exceptional durability

Invest in exceptional durability with the Polyaspartic Membrane. Its resistance to environmental factors,
Chemical and abrasion resistant guarantees robust protection against damage, extending the life of your surfaces.

Quick setup

Enjoy fast and efficient installation with the Polyaspartic Membrane. Our professional teams ensure precise application, guaranteeing a high-quality finish and rapid resumption of use of your spaces.

Ease of maintenance

The Polyaspartic Membrane is easy to maintain. Its smooth, non-porous surface allows for quick and efficient cleaning, helping to maintain the impeccable appearance of your surfaces with minimal maintenance.

Application versatility

Polyaspartic Membrane is suitable for a variety of applications, from industrial floors to commercial surfaces. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for use in diverse spaces.

Discover a new dimension of performance with the Polyaspartic Membrane from Solution Surface +. Contact us today to explore customization options and integrate this innovative technology into your spaces.