Brilliance and robustness combined

Metallic Epoxy

Explore new aesthetic horizons while guaranteeing exceptional robustness with our Metallic Epoxy from Solution Surface +. Designed to provide the perfect marriage of metallic shine and long-lasting strength, this metallic epoxy is the ideal solution for those seeking a surface coating that is both artistic and strong.

Characteristics of metallic epoxy

Shiny metallic finish

Metallic epoxy is distinguished by its vibrant metallic finish that adds an artistic dimension to your surfaces. Available in a variety of metallic shades, this epoxy creates unique and captivating visual effects.

Abrasion resistance

Enjoy the beauty of metal without sacrificing durability. Our metallic epoxy provides exceptional abrasion resistance, protecting your surfaces from scuffs and marks, even in high-traffic environments.

Optimal grip

Thanks to its advanced formula, our metallic epoxy ensures optimal adhesion to different surfaces. This strong adhesion ensures a durable, reliable coating that resists peeling and cracking.

Artistic customization

Express your creativity with a variety of designs and patterns possible with metallic epoxy. Whether you're looking for a modern industrial look or an artistic aesthetic, this epoxy offers endless options for customizing your surfaces.

Advantages of Metallic Epoxy

Unique aesthetic

Transform your spaces with a unique aesthetic thanks to metallic epoxy. Captivating metallic effects add an artistic and contemporary touch to any environment, whether in commercial, residential or industrial spaces.

Artistic sustainability

Combine artistic creativity with functional durability. Metallic epoxy not only provides a remarkable appearance, but also robust protection against damage, ensuring increased longevity of your surfaces.

Ease of maintenance

Enjoy metallic beauty without the worry of excessive maintenance. Metallic epoxy is easy to clean, resistant to stains and chemicals, maintaining its shine over time with minimal maintenance.

Professional installation

Our experienced team guarantees professional installation of metallic epoxy, ensuring precise application and a high quality finish. Quickly benefit from the visual and functional benefits of this artistic covering.

Immerse yourself in metallic elegance with Surface + Solution Metallic Epoxy. Contact us today to explore customization options and transform your spaces into functional works of art.