Offer a modern aesthetic and exceptional durability to your bathrooms with epoxy services from Solution Surface +. Our team
qualified offers personalized solutions to transform bathroom surfaces, ensuring both an attractive visual appearance and increased resistance.

Advantages of epoxy in bathrooms

Water resistance

Epoxy creates a waterproof barrier that protects bathroom surfaces from moisture and standing water, preventing mold and mildew problems.

Easy cleaning

Epoxy surfaces are non-porous, making bathroom cleaning and maintenance easier. Easily remove soap scum and maintain a hygienic environment.

Aesthetic customization

Choose from a range of colors, patterns and finishes to create an aesthetically pleasing bathroom, in keeping with your business image.

Chemical resistance

Our epoxy coatings are formulated to resist chemicals commonly used in commercial bathrooms, ensuring increased durability.

Applications of epoxy in bathrooms

Our bathroom epoxy services are suitable for various types of businesses, including:

Hotels and resorts

Offer modern, easy-to-maintain bathrooms to meet customer needs.

Wellness centers

Create a calming and aesthetic environment with epoxy surfaces in spas and bathrooms.

Fitness centers

Improve the durability of locker rooms and showers with epoxy coatings.

Catering establishments

Opt for hygienic and aesthetic bathrooms to improve the customer experience.

Process of applying epoxy in bathrooms

Inspection and preparation

We thoroughly inspect bathroom surfaces, make necessary repairs, and prepare the surface for epoxy application.

Application of epoxy

The epoxy is applied with care, ensuring even coverage and maximum adhesion on all surfaces.

Aesthetic customization

Depending on your preferences, we can add patterns, textures or special finishes to create a unique bathroom.

Drying and hardening

Once applied, the epoxy is left to dry and harden, creating a durable surface ready to withstand the demanding bathroom environment.

Transform your bathrooms with our epoxy services. Contact Solution Surface + today to discuss your specific needs and get a personalized consultation.