Transform your balconies into aesthetic, durable and resistant spaces thanks to Solution Surface + balcony epoxy services. Our experienced team offers you innovative solutions to improve the durability of your balconies while offering a personalized aesthetic. We offer sustainable solutions to protect and beautify these outdoor spaces. Whether for a residential balcony, a commercial entertainment space or a hotel terrace, our epoxy coatings guarantee a durable and aesthetically pleasing surface.

Advantages of epoxy for balconies

Weather resistance

Balconies are exposed to outdoor elements, which can make them vulnerable to bad weather. Our commercial epoxy creates a barrier resistant to UV, rain and temperature variations, ensuring the longevity of your balconies.

Increased durability

The epoxy forms a sturdy surface that resists wear and tear from foot traffic, outdoor furniture and other balcony activities. This reduces maintenance costs while keeping your balconies looking new.

Aesthetic customization

Give your balconies a personalized touch by choosing from a variety of colors and finishes. Whether you prefer a modern, classic, or bold look, our epoxy options will meet your aesthetic needs.

Improved security

Our epoxy can be adapted to provide anti-slip properties, ensuring the safety of balcony users, even in wet weather.

Epoxy applications on balconies

Our balcony epoxy services are suitable for various types of commercial buildings, including:

Hotels and resorts

Enhance the appeal of your outdoor spaces to guests with aesthetically pleasing and durable balconies.

Office buildings

Provide an attractive relaxation area for employees with balconies that reflect the professional image of your company.

Restaurants and cafes

Create welcoming and sustainable outdoor spaces for guests.

Shopping centers

Enhance the shopping experience with aesthetic and durable balconies.

Process of applying epoxy to balconies

Surface preparation

We carefully prepare the balcony surface by cleaning it and making any necessary repairs.

Application of epoxy

The epoxy is expertly applied, ensuring even coverage and maximum adhesion.

Aesthetic customization

Depending on your preferences, we can add special finishes, patterns or textures.

Drying and hardening

Once applied, the epoxy is left to dry and harden, creating a strong and attractive balcony surface.

Opt for durable and aesthetic balconies with our epoxy services for commercial balconies. Contact Solution Surface + today to discuss your specific needs and get a personalized consultation.